Elevating The Environment

The Club, a Contemporary Colonial Boutique Office

The Club is a Boutique Office located in Batam City. This building is designed with a contemporary colonial concept that blends the past with modernity. From the elegant furnishing to the intricate detailing, this boutique office showcases the beauty and sophistication of the colonial style while also embracing the functionality and modern look of the contemporary style.

The first floor of this building offers a range of amenities for the visitors, including a coffee and bar area, as well as a Delicatessen that serves a variety of delectable pastries and other food options. There is also a gallery for art enthusiasts, which is an exhibition place for artists to showcase their thematic art pieces. Additionally, a lounge area is provided for those who want a comfortable place to relax that can accommodate up to 40 people. The architectural style of this level reflects a contemporary colonial style with a distinctive Malay touch, evident in the use of traditional patterns and materials. The reception area’s rattan partition, the finish on the couches, and the hints of red and green on the lounge and gallery are subtle references to this style.

Located on the second level, members of The Club can indulge in a luxurious wellness center. This facility provides a pool area complete with a steam and sauna room, a gym, and a salon. The interior design of this floor is characterized by the white panels, complemented by touches of wood and glass that add a contemporary twist to the colonial style. The arch moulding panels further enhance the design concept.


The office is located on the fifth floor and is designed as a meeting place for the Party members. This space features a private office for the chairman, deputy, and other key party members. The modern classic design concept features white as the dominant colour on the wall panel and ceiling, accented with black and wood. The office layout is arranged in a more formal setting.