Elevating The Environment

Our Approach

ARKdesign specializes in delivering architectural services from inception to completion including providing site evaluations, master planning and architectural design and documentation. We are committed to research in a numbers of areas as a means of developing our thought processes and consistently improving the quality of our design. Major projects that the company has designed and successfully delivered include Plaza Ambarrukmo and Sun Plaza Shopping Centres, Metro TV Station, Jakarta Eye Centre, Pullman Hotel & Apartments, GTV Hotel, AKR Tower with The Museum Macan, to name a few and De Paviljoen

ARKdesign is lead by PaulTTan who provides overall conceptual design direction to the ARKdesign team. He has a hands-on approach to projects in the office and is keen to create a friendly and collaborative spirit throughout the practice’s activities. Under his direction, ARKdesign has won numerous awards for design and has gained major recognition in the architectural community in Asia. Some of the notable awards include “The Finalist of Creativity and Design” Australian Alumni Award 2010, “Winner of Excellence in Media, Culture and the Arts” Australian Alumni Award 2012, and Indesign Luminary Award 2015.


Our Process

Steps 1

Strategic Development Planning

The Strategic Development Planning stage recognizes the need for the development of alternative concepts in design as well as strategies to fully explore the potential of a location, a site, a market and the development that is proposed on it. This stage of our services will provide the flexibility for early research and planning, which subsequently establishes a masterplan and sound design brief, upon which further design will be based.

Steps 2

Concept Design

The Concept Design stage is a collaborative process with the client to design and establish a three dimensional concept of the stakeholder’s requirements and development goals. We carry out feasibility studies, option appraisals and 3D creative modeling and help prepare and determine a project design brief.

Steps 3

Schematic Design

Schematic Design is the process of developing the strongest conceptual design into a highly resolved architectural scheme. It seeks to define in greater detail the general scope and design of a project including its spatial arrangement, scale, form, relationships between building components and exterior design.

Steps 4

Design Development

During the Design Development phase, the project design is further refined. During this stage technical issues of a project are resolved through the participation and the coordination with other design disciplines and engineers. In order to secure relevant building approval(s), we will liaise with the local building regulation authorities and will give design presentations and building performance calculations in conjunction with the respective engineers as required.

Steps 5

Construction Contract Documentation

During the Construction Contract Documentation stage, a comprehensive set of documents is produced to establish design details, specifications, schedules and standards of quality, upon which the contractor prepares shop drawings for approval prior to commencing construction.

Steps 6

Construction Administration

The Construction Administration services begin with the initial contract for construction. Our core responsibility is to ensure correct design intent during construction by pro-actively participating in the interpretation of the design to find design solutions through the cooperation with the builders, shopdrawings, and material suppliers. We will assist in achieving a safe, and a high quality design to be delivered successfully built and contracted project.