Elevating The Environment

“Close to Nature”, Puri Indah House Concept Design by ARKdesign Architects

Today’s recent shift in human behavior towards a healthier lifestyle is obviously getting pointed out in many aspects of our lives. Architecturally speaking, it has impacted the way we design our habitat, especially for residential purposes, as a lot of activities today are centered around the home, where family health, hygiene and general wellbeing is a top priority.

Since late 2019, Arkdesign has been developing a home in West Jakarta, in the leafy suburb of Puri Indah. A future home for a young family that loves nature and still wishes to be close to nature while protected from the uncertainties related to nature. Abundant natural sunlight, greenery on every level, fresh air balconies, inviting views; all these characteristics and more, were paramount in our design DNA for Puri Indah House, to achieve the owner’s dreams and wishes.

The Puri Indah House snugly fits in the 10 m by 30 m site. It consists of a main building mass that is juxtaposed with other dynamic shapes and volumes, creating a collision of masses, perceived by its verticality, horizontality, sloped and variety of materials. This creates a unique architectural language in comparison to the norm. The façade is mostly dominated by the natural timber, giving this house an outwardly warm and natural appearance. These timber elements also act as a second layer of skin to avoid excessive heat and direct sunlight exposure into the interiors. A sloping element on houses is usually associated with rooflines. Here it is used as façade-part wall, creating an architectural feature out of Corten Steel, that is a play on the traditional perception of houses. Internally, the dynamic quality continues in how the various spaces are interconnected through a series of split-level changes acting as transparent space separators, as well as a means to travel up and down through the house.

Puri Indah House Concept Design by ARKdesign Architects

Designed for a young but growing family, this house has one master bed and bathroom, two children bedrooms and guest bedroom that can be converted as an extension of the family living area as needed. Family activities is important and the kitchen forms the center of gathering amongst family and guests, while cooking, dining and drinking. Green open spaces on the sides of the house, is achieved by aligning the house on an angle to the side boundaries. This allows indirect natural light to come through the gaps created, into all the spaces on every level. Combined with fresh air cross ventilation and the ability to easily step out to an outdoor balcony, enhances the health and hygiene of this home not normally found in homes on narrow lots. On the third level, a family hobby area, features a circular bay window reading nook that juts out into the surrounding landscape, makes one feel being in a tree house and close to nature.

"Close to Nature", Puri Indah House Concept Design by ARKdesign Architects

Circular bay window reading nook in family hobby area.